Quality Control & Audits

Audits, QC plans and verification solutions that meet today's organizational compliance needs.

Who we are.

Quality Mortgage Services, LLC (QMS) is the mortgage quality control and audit technology solutions company.

QMS is a well-established and recognized outsource mortgage banking firm provider of Quality Control audits and audit technology software to the mortgage, banking, credit union and financial industries across the nation. QMS provides Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, USDA and portfolio Post-Closing, Pre-Purchase, Pre-Funding, HMDA and other custom audit reviews to clients nationwide.

What we do.

Quality Control & Audits

Audits, QC plans and verification solutions that meet today’s organizational compliance needs.  QMS is a leading provider of QC audits and reports to satisfy agency requirements, specializing in pre-funding, pre-purchase due diligence, post-closing, early payment default and other industry audits.

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MERS® Audits

Audits designed to meet current MERS QC data and reporting requirements.  QMS provides specialized audits that target information reported to MERS®, including data reconciliation, document reviews and annual reporting.




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QC Software Technology

Intuitive web-based audit technology solutions that strengthen existing internal programs.  Designed by QC professionals for QC professionals, QMS leverages their MARS proprietary web-based audit software to fulfill today’s regulatory and investor requirements.

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“QMS has a great team.  It is nice to know that we can pick up the phone and call QMS when any questions or when help is needed.  With all the recent agency regulations, it has been a challenge to meet all the new QC guidelines but QMS has made this requirement a lot easier for us.” 

Phyliss Hilger
Vice President, Quality Control, Howard Hanna Mortgage Services. 

What sets us apart.

We shine in customer service, responsiveness, support and flexibility.

Quality Mortgage Services offers effectiveness and objectiveness advantages over in-house mortgage auditing, as well as the competition. As a mortgage QC Company, QMS is able to ensure that mortgage fraud detection efforts are rigorous and unbiased through the use of compliant mortgage quality control procedures and due diligence audit reviews.