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Mortgage Auditing and Quality Control

When you need a solid opinion on the health of your mortgage production, having an experienced mortgage compliance professionals at Quality Mortgage Services is what QC manager needs. In the mortgage banking world of mortgage auditing, experience matters. The mortgage auditing team is well versed in the mortgage quality control reviews, and uses this knowledge and the foresight they have gained through real life exposure to make clear judgment calls regarding mortgage compliance analysis.

QMS takes advantage of its mortgage compliance software called MARS. It is the industry standard for providing industry compliance and quality control measurements. To read more on the articles published magazines where data from MARS was used as content click here. The Mortgage Analysis Review Software is a quality control mortgage loan auditing tool that works, along with the judgment of our qualified and experience mortgage auditors.

Quality Mortgage Services serves the following types of valued clients:

  • Banks & Credit Unions
  • Mortgage Investors
  • Wholesale Lenders
  • Mortgage Insurance Corporations
  • State Housing & Finance Agencies or Authorities
  • Secondary Marketing

Mortgage Quality Control

A solid approach to mortgage quality control begins with a mortgage QC plan that focuses on your company's mortgage loan production and the regulations governing them. Another important factor is flexibility. As your mortgage loan production changes, so must your mortgage QC plan adapt to the new loan products - simply put, as facts change, QC plans change.

Quality Mortgage Services helps your mortgage bankers in better positioning to sale mortgages on the secondary market through a comprehensive mortgage audit program that ensures your mortgage pools are worth as much as you believe them to be worth.

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