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Mortgage Audit Pogram

One of the key advantages of working with Quality Mortgage Services is our third party neutrality toward the audit review mortgage loans. QMS will serve as mortgage banker advisor in regards to agency and risk. Mortgage fraud for housing is a serious issue that exists not only externally, but frequently from within mortgage banking. Understanding the importance of a rigorous mortgage audits is the first step towards consistent mortgage compliance.

When QMS is allowed to serve as a mortgage compliance advisor, mortgage bankers can trust QMS to implement a mortgage audit quality control, you can be sure that we will rely on mortgage due diligence and years of experience in fraud for housing detection to ensure that your mortgage audits are sound.

Every organization must consider for itself the level of compliance and risk management strategies necessary to maintain a credible reputation in the mortgage banking industry and among agencies and investors. If there is a particular area in a mortgage quality control program of a mortgage bank that needs focused attention, QMS can tailor a mortgage compliance solution as a mortgage compliance advisor and mortgage review solution that gets the mortgage loan review done.

Mortgage Audit

Quality Mortgage Services provides industry mortgage quality assurance and compliance audit review solutions

Many mortgage audit programs rely entirely on computerized formulas. At Quality Mortgage Services we know you do not want to turn to an outside QC company to operate a computer based QC program that provides some results.

A trained mortgage loan audit eye cannot be replaced, and we know that you will appreciate the interactive reports that comes from knowing that your portfolios are solid and salable.