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Have the peace of mind of having your quality control program with someone who is on your side at Quality Mortgage Services.

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Mortgage Fraud Detection Services

It is extremely difficult to act as both mortgage professional and mortgage fraud for housing investigator, especially when one of your own employees is involved. In fact, an independent mortgage fraud investigation may help in any legal action arising from the situation. It can also stand as a powerful deterrent against future incidents. Trust QMS to be your mortgage fraud detection solution. Their associates are drawn from the banking industry, so they are familiar with the industry, compliance, underwriting, risk assessment as well as investigations. There is no more reliable way to secure your firm. Contact QMS today to explore their many services.

The mortgage broker and fraud

There are many concerns facing the average mortgage professional and mortgage fraud for housing, unfortunately, is one that is growing. The average mortgage professional is not in an adequate mortgage fraud investigator for this type of activity because their resources are dedicated to underwriting and compliance issues. Mortgage fraud for housing can be perpetrated in several ways, ranging from identity theft to lying about intent to occupy a property, but most cases involve an insider.

Bank fraud on mortgage providers

As mortgage fraud for housing on mortgage bankers grows, it is also becoming more difficult to detect. Of course, the classic lies are still being told in regards to the buyer's intent to occupy or salary and assets. Mortgage fraud detection has been complicated by a sky rocketing rate. As these types of crimes become more difficult to detect it makes more sense than ever before to rely on a trustworthy and experienced third party mortgage audit team, such as those fielded by Quality Mortgage Services.

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